Hot ppl at ccad are makin me cry fucking hell, is it wrong that they are even hotter when they are awkward and shy when they talk to you ahhhh shit


If you were my homework I’d do you.

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I want to live in a world where


Seeing a woman’s chest won’t be a big deal, just as when we see man’s chest!

Yeah you’re attractive but if you listen to shit music and wear shit clothes-100000000 points


you’re cute but do you like kid cudi??

I wanna kms bc I have to wake up in 3 and a half hours for my first day at art college, only 3 people from school are going. Tbh I’m glad there’s barely anyone I know because people thought I was a fucking turd in school. Even though I am pretty similar to some of the people deemed “cool”, lol whateva foreva xoxo

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